Vector display

This display object is responsible for visualizing per-particle vector quantities. The Displacement vectors modifier, for example, calculates the displacement vector of each particle and stores it in the Displacement property. To visualize the computed vectors as arrows, the modifier attaches a vector display object, which newly appears under the "Display" section of the modification pipeline editor. The settings provided by this display object, which control the apearence of the vector arrows, are described below.

By default all vector arrows have the same display color. It is possible to assign each vector an individual color by setting the Vector Color particle property. This can be done using the Compute Property modifier.


Shading mode

Switches between a three-dimensional (normal shading) and a two-dimensional representation (flat shading) of arrows.

Scaling factor

Vectors are scaled by this factor for display. The default is 1.

Arrow width

The diameter of arrow lines.


Controls how arrows are positioned relative to the particles.

Arrow color

The display color of arrows. This uniform color is used when the Vector Color particle property is not defined. Otherwise the per-particle colors defined by the Vector Color property are used when rendering vector arrows.

Reverse direction

Flips arrows to reverse their directions.