Loading remote data

OVITO comes with a built-in SSH client for accessing files on remote machines. It can save you from having to transfer files stored in remote locations, for example on HPC clusters, to your local desktop computer first. To open a data file stored on a remote machine, select FileLoad Remote File from the menu.

The current program version does not provide a way to browse directories on remote machines. That means you have to directly specify the full path of the remote file as an URL of the form:


Where sftp:// is the remote file access protocol, user the SSH login name on the remote machine, hostname the name of the remote machine, and /path/filename the full path to the simulation file to import.

When OVITO connects to the remote machine, it will ask for the login password or the passphrase for the private key to be used for authentication. Once established, the SSH connection is kept alive during the program session. OVITO makes a temporary copy of the remote file on the local computer before loading the data into memory to speed up subsequent accesses to simulation frames. The local file copies are cached until you close OVITO or until you hit the Reload button in the External File panel.

Using the command line

If you launch OVITO from a terminal, you can directly specify a file to load. This works for local and remote files:

      ovito /path/filename
      ovito sftp://hostname/path/filename